Royal Crest "Mattress Hugger" Knitted Contour Sheet

Knitted Sheets designed to Stay Put when the bed's head and foot are raised.

  • 100% polyester
  • White with color binding. Binding is double stitched for added strength
  • Extra deep sides and end panels to accommodate a wide range of mattress size
  • Easy to put on and take off

Minimum Qty: Case Pack

  • MatressHugger
  • Brand: Royal Crest by Sigmatex


Pic SKU:  Size Color Case Pack Order Quantity
Knitted Contour Sheet 31x81x15 SH31811527KFMHP 31 x 81 x 15 27oz White with Green Binding 5 dz

Min Qty: Case Pack

Knitted Contour Sheet 31x81x15 SH31811524GRMHP 31 x 81 x 15" 24oz White with Green binding 5 dz

Min Qty: Case Pack